Today in the NFL and other sports, teams are using very in-depth studies to decide whether a player is going to be able to deal with the pressures of the NFL and other sports. Tonight on the Cleveland Sports 360 Show we had a special in-house guest and we took an in-depth look at Brandon Weeden's brain code. Does Weeden have what it takes to lead the Cleveland Browns? You would be surprised at what we discovered. Joining us in the Streaming Sports Talk studios was Kip Watson, she is a professional who works in the field of assessing athletes that want to play in the NFL. Her passion is football but Kip does other sports too.

Professional sports teams are turning towards these test more and more to be sure the athletes they are going to be paying millions of dollars to can perform at the level required for their position.  On the C.S.360 show we used some of Kip Watson's testing methods to look at Brandon Weed The Cleveland Browns starting q.b., something the Browns should have done before using their 22nd pick in the first round of the NFL draft to take Weeden. Two people participated in filling out the test Kip gives, although Brandon Weeden was involved and the test could really be used to evaluate Weeden's abilities, watch the video and have a look at the outcome of this analysis.    You will be surprised how well this test actually works.

Kip Watson is a highly respected professional in the field of brain codes. Their were two people as I said that participated in the test. One is a big fan of Brandon Weeden and the other was myself. I used Kips test to determine the very best category Weeden fits into to. Be sure to watch this show and see how accurate these tests can be. It is very surprising how well this science works. To find out more about Anne "Kip" Watson you can read about her here.

To find out what the Brain Code test revealed about the Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden's ability to play at a high level in the NFL, watch the video below.  It is amazing how well this science works.



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