Jimmy Haslam confirmed Browns ownerToday as the NFL owners vote to make Jimmy Haslam III the new official owner of the Cleveland Browns, a new era begins. It is funny how people are already making predictions about what Haslam will and will not do. Haslam paid a lot of money to buy a losing franchise, for those of you who think he is going to sit back and watch from his owners suite and not make changes, think again. One thing we Ohioans should know first hand is when they say they are not going to do it, they do it. Just think about how many times Urban said he wasn't talking to Ohio State, the next thing you knew he was holding a press conference from the campus.

Jimmy Haslam is a successful billionaire business man who promotes winning. He isn't the kind of guy that will be satisfied with less than 100% and he isn't the kind of guy who like to hear excuses. One thing Haslam is less than thrilled with is the way Pat Shurmur was calling and e-mailing the media last week. Sure the Browns finally got a win and sure the fans are happy, that doesn't get Shumur off the hot seat. Haslam is less than thrilled with the team's performance. Haslam looks at the big picture not one situation. This is what made him a huge success in the business world and this is what he will do to make the Browns a huge success in the NFL.

Jimmy Haslam will be a hands on owner in the N.F.L.. When was the last time you saw an owner of the Browns sitting in the Dawg pound? Haslam has already sat down with the entire city council of Cleveland, something that hasn't happened in Browns history, no owner ever met with all the Counsel members in one meeting ever. Haslam already has architects drawing up plans to place a dome over the stadium.

For those of you thinking Jimmy Haslam is going to invest a billion dollars into a team and keep his hands off, think again. A guy like Haslam is not the kind of person to sit back and wait for things to happen, he makes things happen. Haslam won't be happy until he has a Super Bowl Trophy sitting on a self in Berea. It isn't going to happen with a hands off owner and Haslam knows it. He will make winning in Cleveland his first priority. You can bank on it.

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