Jimmy Haslam confirmed Browns ownerToday as the NFL owners vote to make Jimmy Haslam III the new official owner of the Cleveland Browns, a new era begins. It is funny how people are already making predictions about what Haslam will and will not do. Haslam paid a lot of money to buy a losing franchise, for those of you who think he is going to sit back and watch from his owners suite and not make changes, think again. One thing we Ohioans should know first hand is when they say they are not going to do it, they do it. Just think about how many times Urban said he wasn’t talking to Ohio State, the next thing you knew he was holding a press conference from the campus.

Jimmy Haslam is a successful billionaire business man who promotes winning. He isn’t the kind of guy that will be satisfied with less than 100% and he isn’t the kind of guy who like to hear excuses. One thing Haslam is less than thrilled with is the way Pat Shurmur was calling and e-mailing the media last week. Sure the Browns finally got a win and sure the fans are happy, that doesn’t get Shumur off the hot seat. Haslam is less than thrilled with the team’s performance. Haslam looks at the big picture not one situation. This is what made him a huge success in the business world and this is what he will do to make the Browns a huge success in the NFL.

Jimmy Haslam will be a hands on owner in the N.F.L.. When was the last time you saw an owner of the Browns sitting in the Dawg pound? Haslam has already sat down with the entire city council of Cleveland, something that hasn’t happened in Browns history, no owner ever met with all the Counsel members in one meeting ever. Haslam already has architects drawing up plans to place a dome over the stadium.

For those of you thinking Jimmy Haslam is going to invest a billion dollars into a team and keep his hands off, think again. A guy like Haslam is not the kind of person to sit back and wait for things to happen, he makes things happen. Haslam won’t be happy until he has a Super Bowl Trophy sitting on a self in Berea. It isn’t going to happen with a hands off owner and Haslam knows it. He will make winning in Cleveland his first priority. You can bank on it.

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  1. muttklingon

    Well the new owner JimmyHaslam . of are Clevelands browns. this maybe a great thing?. it jimmy haslam money & his football team.! cake will not be sever anymoore !. IT time browns to go to work & play ther ass off.! ghange is good!! thing!.

    • don

      we finally have a winner again , from the likes of a paul brown mold. Agressive and determined leadership.. maybe now we can hire a coach like sam r, or gruden (it’s Cleveland time now!!!) most of the piece’s are in place . Just bit more tweaking and it’s all good……. Welcome to Cleveland Mr Haslem

      • Anonymous

        Awful pic of the new owner and Weeden…looks like he’s grabbing his junk….LOL.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m afraid Shurmur’s not going anywhere this year . . . and for that matter next year either.

    Haslam has already said he want’s stability so things can gel and grow.

    Holmgren will be gone or in a reduced capacity (Banner).

    Heckert I believe has a pretty good shot of sticking around.

    Jauron . . . I just don’t know.
    The D has given up a ton of yards and a lot more points to date than last year.

    • LG

      The only thing I think you are correct about is Heckert all others will be gone.When Haslam talks stability he means with his new people once they are in place….

      • ABrown

        LG, I agree completely and that’s why a lot of us are so optimistic about the new owner. I don’t think Cleveland has seen anything like what Haslam has the potential to do.

        He may not make personnel changes in the middle of the season. That probably depends on what happens the next few weeks.

        But I don’t think Shurmur is Haslam’s kind of coach. It takes him too long to react to problems and needs and he doesn’t seem to see the big picture. It’s taken him 9 games to put in decent run blocking schemes, only to back away from them when they work. It took him almost that long to develop touchdown or red zone scoring plays.

        He can’t change games with half time adjustments. And all last year, he seemed to just watch helplessly from the sidelines while his players were sent week after week into an ongoing disaster.

        It seems to have taken a question of his personal survival to get him to react at all, even if slowly.

        I think Mr. Haslam will make wise decisions for the Browns and make a big difference in the quality of the team and the whole organization.

        Today is a great day for the Cleveland Browns!

  3. ABrown

    BTW, didn’t Mr Haslam say, in the first few days after the intended sale was announced, that he was probably going to continue to live in Tennessee?

    He looks at the big picture, decides what needs to be done and does it. No foot dragging or stand back and just watch with this owner.

    • ABrown

      Just saw an announcement.

  4. RICK

    Get the crystal ball out and tell us what Haslam is gonna do I’m dying to find out the inside scoop.You guys must be pretty tight for you to get the word before everyone else LMAO All is well in Cleveland now.

    • LG

      Well Rick as far as the no changes Holmgren is already packing his bags…

  5. TheCoastMan

    Haslam and his wife already bought a spread on the lake.He plans to split time between TN and Cleveland. Make no mistake, this guy is serious and will put his stamp all over this team. This is by far the best day for the Browns and the fans in a very long time. BTW, just saw a rumor that Heckert is no way near as secure as everyone is assuming. IMHO, I have a feeling Haslam and Banner will clean house and put their own people in. I also think this greatly enhances the desirability of coming to Cleveland as a coach.

    • ABrown

      That’s what I was thinking about. 2 months ago he wasn’t sure about living arrangements, but he looked at the situation and said I need a home here. Now he has a home here.

      This man sees what needs to be done and does it.

      I definitely agree that with Haslam as owner the best coaches will want to come here and know that what this team needs in terms of players and facilities and first-class problem solving is what they will have.

  6. Bob

    Spot on LG. Maybe now, players will have to work for their positions and maybe now, players will be benched for bad play and bad decisions. This is not spring training or training camp to help the coach’s and the the front office’s top picks get better. This is the NFL regular season play for professionals. I for one, welcome the Haslam team and I WANT them involved.

    • LG

      Why Thanks Bob… I hope heads will roll now that Jimmy is officially in charge of the team…Mike Holmgren era in Cleveland is closed….

  7. Bob

    Just read that Haslam said in regards to Holmgren, “I will tell you what I told Pat Shurmur on Saturday night: ‘This is the only personnel change we’re going to make until the end of the season,’ ” Apparently Colt McCoy was told at the beginning of the year, his job was secure. I’d like Karma to come to Shurmur. Let’s say, as Shurmur is driving to work during the bye week, he hears on the radio that he is being replaced. I can hear Shurmur now, “Jimmy said there would be no changes, he lied to me.”

    • LG

      That could very well be what takes place. Especially if Shurmur can’t find some more wins.

  8. Daniel Jones

    Like it or not the drafts have been better since Holmgren has been in Cleveland,except for not drafting Clay Matthews jr. when we had a chance.Can someone tell me who/where is David Veikune?Haslem comes from a winning tradition and hopefully he brings that here.

    • LG

      The Browns Drafted him in 2009 Veikune appeared in 10 games as a rookie. He was placed on season-ending injured reserve on January 2, 2010
      Veikune was waived by the Browns on September 7, 2010.


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