By Chris Mortimer

Stephen Hill  going to the BrownsWhat do teams like The Cleveland Browns look for during the scouting process? In this article I'm going to tell you what teams like the Browns look for when scouting college players or at least what I think they are looking for.

For this article, we will use Georgia Tech wide out Stephen Hill as our example.  Stephen is projected to be drafted in the late 1st round or early 2nd round of the NFL Draft. What do teams look for when they scout Stephen?... Well I'm try to explain.  You wanna take the player through meetings, on field drills, work him on the white board.

This will give you a good indication of the players abilities as a person,player and as a student.  You need to know all those things before you draft a player.  Especially someone that is going to be drafted in the  top5.

The reason for doing all these things is to find out about the kid before you even set your draft board,  this way you know if you want him or not. Then you work him out again(if he makes the D.B) to size him up against the other players at his position.

This way when you work them out a couple of times, you'll see if the other players you have on there are better, or worse. If some players are better you just move them down, If a guy is a lot better you take him off and keep him in your pocket, just in case your board is messed up by the teams before you pick.

If they're worse then obviously move him up till you get to the better stature. In the classroom you put him on the white board see how well he learns by reading and all the mental stuff that goes along with it.

Then we will see how well the player watches game film, yes there is a right and wrong way to watch game film sometimes you test his route tree knowledge by paper then when your done in the classroom you take him back on to the field.

On the field you'll wanna see everything in action, how well can he really catch,  is he just good on the highlight tape,  it's just that a HIGHLIGHT tape. What about his route running?  He might have done good on paper with the tree but can he run the routes on it?

Does he have good or great speed?   You are definitely faster in person then on film.  Overall your looking to see if you like him on and off the field, does he fit in your offense,how well he learns, and how he learns. These are all great things that need to be assessed.

Has he gotten into trouble with the law,coaches,or community.  If he has, how many times and how many were the same offense? On field can he do what is asked of him on the routes? How are his cuts? How fast can he stop,turn and locate the ball?  How are his hands and what's his route running like?  People learn different rates all the time, maybe he learns quicker with the coach telling him how to run his routes? Maybe he learns better visually, that's where the vet comes in,  To show him how to run the route or maybe he learns better by simply doing it himself.  I used WR Stephen Hill in this example but you do this with every player, at every position you are thinking about picking in a draft.

So if you think you know all there is to know about a player think again.  I do however think he will go to Cleveland with 22 if Richardson is the 4th pick.  Richardson is clearly the fan favorite. We are told he is the Browns as well.

Well thanks for reading and as always GO BROWNS!!!!
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