For one Browns fan he could care less about who the starting quarterback is, whether or not it is Brandon Weeden or Colt McCoy he is going to root for his Cleveland Browns from his living room  no matter how many games they win or lose. When the Browns left Cleveland and went to Baltimore he had a sick feeling in his stomach. Now that the team losses more games than they win, he still roots for his team more than ever before that he is growing older. Fox Lopez from the East Los Angeles Browns Fanz is taking his love for the team to a whole new level.

For Lopez, being a Browns fan is in his blood. His mother who left him to go to heaven told him when he was a little boy, “What Ever You Do, DO it with Passion.” That is exactly what Lopez has done for the past 13 years. He stands alone with his wife and kids in  L.A. wearing his Cleveland Browns colors where ever he goes. He loves the team so much that he traveled to Oakland last season and wore his Brown and Orange proudly into the black hole.

Now, Lopez is turning his love for the Cleveland Browns into a business. Lopez and his wife LALA are designing T-Shirts that show exactly how much they love their Cleveland Browns, even from L.A… Lopez who lost his job when the company he worked at for many years changed hands. So what did he do to support his young children and his family? He started designing some of the most unique Browns gear available anywhere.

The Photo contained in this article is one of Lopez’s latest designs. It shows his passion for the team he defends with his life if needed. All of Lopez’s Browns shirts are available on-line by clicking here to visit the East Los Angeles Browns Fanz web site. .   

Lopez  being a small business gets your shirts to you quickly. As soon as you place your order you will receive your package in just a few days in most cases. It isn’t like ordering your Browns gear from these large companies that wait weeks before they even ship your items. So if you are a real Browns fan and you want to wear the latest Fox Lopez creation to support your team consider visiting his site to get his latest creation, ” Browns Ride Or Die For My Browns.” You’ll be glad you did and you will be helping a die-hard Browns fan to support his family…

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