With the Browns picking Trent Richardson as the number 3 pick in the 2012 NFL draft many thought the man from Alabama would come into Cleveland and lead the NFL in rushing yards. It did happen that way exactly and T-Rich had to play through some injuries. Now that the Browns changed their coaching staff and brought in Norv Turner to run the Cleveland offense, many are thinking the Browns will come out in 2013 and air it out on every play. No So. Turner has a history of using the running back to produce positive results.

How positive was the running game in Turner’s past? Very positive. 3 times running backs have led the NFL in rushing while working with Norv Turner. Emmitt Smith did it from 1991-93 when Turner was the O.C. in Dallas and this was a team that Turner did some of his best work as an O.C. for. Then there was Ricky Williams did it in 2002 who was in Miami, yes there was a time Williams could run in the NFL when he wasn’t high on pot. Turner had one more running back that tore it up in the NFL too, LaDainian Tomlinson also did it in 2007.

Now I am not saying that T-Rich is any of those 3 players. I am saying he should get his chance to showcase his talents in the NFL this season. The Browns should use the running game under Norv Turner very effectively. If T-Rich can stay healthy in 2013, he should get the bulk of the work. Don’t just expect giant pass plays from the Browns in 2013. Turner also likes to run the ball and in 2013 we will see just how great Trent Richardson can be.

I think the 2013 season will decide if the Browns running back Trent Richardson’s name belongs in the same sentence as LaDainian Tomlinson ,Emmitt Smith and Ricky Williams. He should have a big season.


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Readers Comments (14)

  1. tigersbrowns2

    good article LG … i would imagine t-rich will easily be in the top-10 in rushing this year … especially if they go out & get a hard-nosed FB to lead the way as you mentioned before.

    • LG

      You forgot the part about him staying healthy TB2

  2. RB

    I’m not sure what to expect from Richardson. The Browns rush offense from this year only outgained the previous years running game by not even 100 yards.

    I know he was injured from part of the season. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  3. Wane

    good artical LG, i’d like to see Richardson have a break out year. what are your thoughts on Hardesty? last season it looked like he could find the gap in the line (what few there was) better then T-Rich was able to. do you think they could go with both backs? Mack & Byner was awsome to watch!

    • LG

      I think they better go with 2 backs. If you recall, it took weeks for the ex coach to play Montario. If they split carries and mix it up it could only help. I am not saying a 50/50 split but no sense killing T-Rich yet. Lets see if the guy stays healthy…Use Montario to rest T-Rich…

  4. RICK

    LG, I agree but I think what hurt Hardesty’s chances was the fumble problems in the preseason,other than that he looked pretty good.

  5. Wane

    LG, i agree and think they wuold be a hard combo to stop. Hardesty looked stronge when he carried the ball.

    • LG

      Wane are you and Rick the same person?

  6. Wane

    LG, no Rick is my brother and a long time Browns fan like me.

    • LG

      OK because I noticed you both post from the same IP address…

  7. Wane

    LG, we post from the same place during the day. and don’t always have time to leave coments.

    • LG

      I hear ya thanks for using the site. I really appreciate talking to you and Rick…

  8. Kildawg

    Hardesty would be a good second back if he can hang on to the ball. Another candidate that should get consideration (especially in 3rd down situations) is Ogbonnaya (sp?). I thought Obi looked good when he was out there. As for FB, I think Smelley deserves a shot (he started for Saban and blocked for T-Rich in ‘Bama, he can’t be too bad, right?)

    • LG

      I think Obe will be gone before the season starts. He was a SHurmur guy


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