The Cleveland Browns new head coach is going to need help on the offensive side of the ball. Pettine is rumored to be interested in Gary Kubiak. Reports say Kubiak  is not interested in the Cleveland Browns. Why go after a guy that doesn’t want to come to Cleveland?

Sitting right in the Browns back yard is a guy that knows offensive football. Bernie Kosar knows how to pick apart defenses better than most. Kosar is one of the brightest people who ever played on the offensive side of the football.

The first reason the Browns should hire Kosar is the fans love this guy. The Browns front office could redeem themselves by bringing Kosar in to run the Browns offense. The second reason they should be thinking about hiring Bernie is the fact the guy could teach a young quarterback how to read the defenses in the NFL.

Kosar to this day is still able to look at a defense and know what coverage they are going to be using before they snap the football. Kosar knows how to beat the rush and he knows how to take it deep down field.

The Browns have had no one that is as capable as Kosar on the offensive side of the ball. This guy would take the Browns to the next level and he would turn the Browns offense into a winner.

The 3rd reason the Browns should hire Kosar is that he knows how to win the tight games. He knows what it takes to play in Browns stadium on the lake front and he could help develop an offense that is hard to stop.

Sometime the hardest thing to see is something that is right in front of you. The Browns have one heck of a great offensive minded guys sitting right in their back yard. Kosar would help this team win and they should hire him.

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Readers Comments (56)

  1. AL

    I say yes !!!!!

  2. Nick papageorgio

    He is 50 yrs old and has never coached a day in his life. You don’t just become an OC. There is a lot more than just knowing offense. He hasn’t been around football other than the broadcast booth for 4 preseason games in 30 yrs. The game has changed dramatically.He has failed at almost everything he has done in his post football life. Just because he is a fan favorite does mot make him qualified to run an offense.Lastly, he either has a drinking issue or a post concussion syndrome issue. Hiring BK as OC would be the WORST idea ever.

    • LG

      Bernie is still on top of the offensive game in the NFL. There is no question about it.

  3. Anthony Dodge

    I liked Bernie as a player, however, it is stupid to hire him as a coordinator. He has ZERO coaching experience and no credentials. He is also an unrepentant alcoholic and until he gets his drinking under control, he would be too much a risk. He has lost his marriage and businesses to drinking and probably should have been fired from his broadcasting jobs. A terrible idea.

    • LG

      Anthony, Bernie can still pick a defense apart. His knowledge of the game is unparalleled. So he doesn’t have coaching experience. Big Deal, the Browns head coach has never been a head coach and that didn’t stop the team from giving him the job.

      • Anonymous

        How do you know Bernie can pick apart a defense? Cuz he has made a few remarks during PRE season games. Yep those are awesome credentials. Can he put a game plan together? Can he deal with today’s athletes? Can he lead his offensive staff? Can he teach his ideas to others? Can he handle working 20 hour days?

        • LG

          How do we know the head coach they hired can manage a game? We don’t but he is getting a chance to do it isn’t he? Give Kosar a shot and you would be impressed….

          • Paul Avery

            Because Pettine has 16 years experience coaching and has proven himself in the NFL. Bernie hasn’t and I doubt he would be able to handle the rigors of the job, given his recent press for inappropriate comments and his stop by the cops where he was acting out of sorts.

          • LG

            What has Pettine proved? That is you give him a top ranked defense in New York he will let it get worse each year he was there? So he had a good year with the Bills defense so what? Lets see what he can do as a head coach. He hasn’t proven anything yet.

          • Paul Avery

            What has Kosar done as a coach on any level to give him such an important job. Pettine is a proven commodity and will get his chance because he earned it. You really jumped the shark on this one.

          • Paul Avery

            Neither has Kosar

          • LG

            There you have it give him the chance and lets go from there….

        • JIM V

          Could he possibly do any worse then the so-called veteran-professionals we’ve had?

          • Norman

            Jim V. I agree with you, at least give Bernie a chance. How do you think that all of these other coaches got where they are? Someone took a chance on them!! Hell! If we are as bad as all of the HATER’s say we are, what will it hurt??

    • Jeffrey

      Anthony: Why do you think the Dolphins brought Bernie to the team? He helped the offense from the sidelines. Ask anyone who’s in the know & that’s exactly what they’ll tell you. They rarely used him in games. It was his head they were after.

      • LG

        You’re damn right he did Jeffery. He even drew up a winning play for Marino once

    • Anonymous

      He can’t be any worse than what we’ve had compared to the sober-clean experienced experts! He is smart in reading a defense! I’ve always thought he’d make a good HC! Remember all the screw-ups we had! They did it sober!

    • Tom Wynne

      here i was just thinking LG was regaining sanity and out comes this lunacy. I gather he must be splitting Bernie’s 30 packs with him…but, as crazy as it sounds, can it be any worse than what it is???

      • LG

        Come on Tom. There are players in the NFL with worse problems and less brains than Bernie. Besides, no other OC’s want the job. Give Kosar a shot and lets win some freakin football games………..

    • Scott

      I think that Bernie Kozar would be a great OC.
      The following is strictly my opinion:
      He has been looking for a purpose in life since he left the NFL. Outside of raising his kids which is the most important thing a Man can do, he (to me) has been looking for that job with purpose. He has the best offensive mind in football that I have ever seen (including Peyton Manning). I think it would take him 2 full seasons as an active OC to become the best OC in the NFL. This guy is smart beyond comprehension about reading a defense. Track his sports life and determine for yourselves. I would love to see him become part of the Cleveland Browns. I am a browns fan for life but would sure like to see him in the organization.

  4. Turf

    There is no question that Bernie is a winner. When he was in a game, the Browns ALWAYS had a chance to win it. His ability to pick apart even the best defenses in the NFL is unequaled, even to this day. We already have a very capable quarterback in Brian Hoyer; with Bernie’s guidance, he could become a very good one that can win games for us. And, yes, all of us loyal Browns fan love Bernie – Let’s return quality NFL football to the North Coast – We deserve it!

    • Albwi

      How many championships did Bernie win as the Browns QB?

      • LG

        How many championships has Mike Pettine won as a head coach? How many championships has Mike Lombardi won as a GM? How many Championships has Jimmy Haslam won as an NFL owner? You have to start somewhere….

      • JIM V

        How many Championships have most NFL QB won?

    • JIM V


    • Anonymous

      First, not all of us in Cleveland love Bernie… the only game Kosar won was the famous Boston/Miami shootout, that gave him the attention nation wide. Fact is that Flutie was far more successful than Bernie in the NFL.

  5. middletown

    Keep Berni away from drinking and let him go for it.

  6. Big Maz

    Only one question comes to mind. Why , if he is such a great offensive mind, has no one picked him for their offensive coordinator before?

    • LG

      Damn good question

  7. bubba

    Hoyer was doing just fine without Bernie belching his whiskey breath in his face. Get someone who is seasoned working with players. By your logic who ever played quarterback in the NFL is ready to be a coach. Why don’t you hire Boomer? Heck, if they draft Manziel (that’s not spelled right) they won’t need an OC. He’s gonna be the savior the Browns have been missing. We don’t need him either.

    • LG

      Not many QB’s as smart as Kosar and anyone who knows football knows that

  8. Stien

    Wow, this would be the worst idea ever. I am sure, if it did happen, LG would be the first one bashing him next season, and bashing the management for hiring him!

    • LG

      I think if this did happen we would win and we would have positives to write about for a change of pace.

  9. berniesmother

    My Bernie has been hit in the head too many times! Obviously, he’s not exactly “with it” all of the time. He would be better suited as a QB Coach, not an Offensive Coordinator. Mother knows best…

    • Darryl

      Thank you…this would be a much better idea than OC. Way to go, Bernie’s mom!

  10. Huck

    Was a big Bernie fan in the his day. But I’m sorry to say Bernie has suffer from to many concussions to keep up with the game week in and week out. The author is looking for attention.

    • LG

      Bernie still knows football. He could keep up with the game as much as anyone in the game today. I don’t need attention at all. I need a freakin winning football Team….

  11. Dan B.

    Dude, you are a buffoon. I love Bernie as well, but to say that he can tear a defense apart is insane. What do you base this on, his work as a QB? Great when he was on the field 30 years ago, but explain to me why he would now? It is easy to make the comment, but back it up. I am not bashing Bernie, but he has issues to work out and has NO coaching experience at all. I am sure you were on of the people that jumped all of the 3 Stooges reference, what would you call them after hiring a person with NO coaching experience and personal issues that would be so magnified being under the microscope he would be hard pressed to do his job.

    • LG

      Hey he still sees it he calls the coverage before the play starts. Haven’t you watched him call any games?

  12. Jacob

    The biggest problem is he is an uncontrollable alcoholic. Before any other part of what he might bring to the table is considered this is a HUGE issue, and too big to just gloss over and look for what he can do. Didn’t Miami try him out as a quarterback coach though?

    • LG

      In the old days everyone used to drink right in the locker rooms before and during the games. Bernie could win and that is all that matters. He isn’t as big of an alcoholic as you may think.

  13. Anonymous

    How bout quarterback coach. He may be helpful there. Not an oc

  14. longhaul

    lg we agree on a lot of things but I gotta ask you one thing. have you been out drinkin with Bernie? your right he could read a defense but he could not run never seen where he was all that good.would take sipe over him any day. Bernie is not the answer for oc.

    • LG

      Bernie is a smart guy and he would surprise you Longhaul.

  15. zed

    Bernie Kosar has a career LOSING record of 53-54, yet is adored by the morons in Cleveland.

    Let’s get this straight, hire Kosar for the OC job because:
    1. He won’t say no
    2. Idiot fans adore him for his career mediocrity
    3. Kosar knows how to win tight games? You mean like to two tight AFC Championship games he lost!

    I have one more. Hire Kosar because he is great at managing things… you know, like his money!!! Bankrupt Bernie, great hire!!!

    • Darryl

      First of all, while I agree with you on some points, let’s be fair. The defense gave up the Drive, not Bernie. And Byner fumbled, not Bernie.

    • JIM V

      Zed, by the sound of what you wrote, You don’t like yourself very much do you? You don’t know Bernie’s real story! I’m just sure you’ve done everything “Perfect in your life”! Turn in your GOD CARD!It’s to tough of a job!If you know so much about the game of football and judging people. Call the Browns and let them know your available! They would be thrilled to hear from you I’ll bet!!! Oh by the way, I’m one of those idiot fans and recovering alcoholic with 14yrs. sobriety!

  16. DK

    Good lord, please no.

  17. NG

    For the love of god, aside from the page long argument if BK can/would/could be an offensive coordinator, can we get off the Brian Hoyer is the QB of the future. I like the guy, however, 3 games does not PROVE anything. Just over an 80 rating, less than 60% pass completion is hardly anything to write home about. He won us a few games and that is it. lets not forget the defense (which was good at the beginning of the season) is what kept us in those games and gave him a chance. Obviously he is the only thing we have on the roster in terms of an actual QB. That does not qualify him as a legit starter. Now, Bernie has been asked over the past 6 years to act as a consultant to at least 2 or 3 teams. Unfortunately his drinking is the reason no one has offered him a coaching job.

    • PA

      I’ve said the same thing

  18. jim zeisloft

    BERNIE KOSAR bleeds Cleveland Browns football!!!! Given the chance I think anyone with financial issues, alcoholic problems, marriage failure, would make a GREAT life change. YES we know he is an icon with a great desire to win, & personally he deserves to have a shot at OC or at least as QB coach. What do we have to loose, give him a year, we are good at that! Ive always been a believer of 2nd chances! GO BERNIE!

  19. Swarming Defense

    If I was Bernie, I wouldn’t do it. Currently he has a good relationship with people of Cleveland and by him becoming O Coordinator the first time things went bad, the fans would get really ugly.

    • PA

      It would get ugly too. Bernie is too far removed from football and has zero chance to succeed.

      • LG

        With the people the Browns are putting in other coaching positions you could argue the team has zero chance to succeed.

  20. kevin

    Bernie had so may head injuries the poor guy can’t speak or think very good anymore. He use to play with all kinds of injuries and kept smelling salt in his hand pouch when he was knocked out, the offensive lineman were told to wave it in his nose to wake him up………..He can barely call a game as an announcer.

  21. Ryan

    This is a subject I have contemplated writing about for a long time. I think at the very least, Bernie could be a great QB coach. Though it would never happen, it would be a move like this that would re-energize the fan base. This is NOT far fetched and I have always loved Bernie’s mind and thought process. The guy is more football knowledgeable than any of the wonderful minds in the front office. Nice piece Larry! I would love to come on the show when you start up again.


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