For days there have been multiple articles saying the Browns may have been interested in acquiring Michael Vick. The news was bothersome to some football fans who think Vick is in a serious decline. If the Eagles intended in getting rid of the aging quarterback with a multitude of head injuries, you would think they would have released him before paying him a 3 million dollar bonus yesterday.

Vick was due to receive a bonus if he remained on the team’s roster on Feb. 6th. He was still there and he got his 3 million dollars. Now nothing surprises me when it comes to the NFL. The reports that said Vick could come to Cleveland because of his ties to Banner could be wrong and me thinking that handing Vick 3 million dollars is enough to keep him on the Eagles could be wrong too. NFL teams seem to have disposable income all the time. There is still plenty of time to do something with Vick, lets just hope what ever they do with him doesn’t include him coming to Cleveland for anything than one football game. The Browns have enough to deal with getting ready for the 2013 schedule. They don’t need Vick added into the mix…

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  1. tigersbrowns2

    hi LG …

    michael vick (former dog abuser) & the dawg pound … not a good mix.
    though he deserves a 2nd chance (everybody does) , i don’t see him fitting into chud’s system.

    not to change the subject , but it is your favorite subject … terry pluto of the plain dealer is reporting he “hears” that the browns new front office doesn’t see colt mccoy as “a viable starting option” moving forward.

    now , do you believe chris wesseling ,who says “weeden has less than a 50/50 chance of being the starter & mccoy is in the plans for 2013″ …
    or do you believe pluto ?? probably neither one …

    i think BOB may be right in that mccoy will probably be traded.

    • LG

      I never thought it was a good mix either TB2, there were just a boat load of rumors about Banner liking him. If he were coming don’t ya think they would have got rid of him before they gave him 3 mil?

  2. RB

    I know I wouldn’t want Vic. I don’t believe he’ll finish the year healthy. He’s taken a beating in Philadelphia, and I believe one more blow to the head will pretty much end his career.

    I would have thought a battle between Weeden, McCoy and another player to be brought in to determine next year’s starter. The 2014 draft looks to be more promising for those seeking QBs. I’m really not sure what is going to happen. If one of the two is on their way out I would guess it to be McCoy, but stranger things have happened.

    The more I think about Alex Smith to Cleveland, the more hesitant I get. Aside from the touch downs to interception numbers (Last four years only), his numbers are not that much better than what we have. His career completion percentage is 59.3%. Not outstanding. He’s not real mobile. Average arm. We may be better off sucking it up this year to see how we fair with the new offense and new coaching staff.

  3. Daniel Jones

    We wete led to believe that Jimmy Haslam would bring some stability to the Browns and yet all the off season changes has one scratching his head,keeping Jauron as defensive coordinator would had one unit knowing its plan and ready to grow.How much better can we expect this years team to be with wholesale changes and new schemes on both sides of the ball?We have had some good drafts in recent years and its time to let the youngest team in the NFL grow and get better together,Weedon was exciting to watch and thats not bad for a rookie thrown to the wolves immediately and Colt McCoy is a capable back up so lets have a little confidence in the teams ability to play together and watch our team continue to compete weekly.


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