Cleveland Browns backup quarterback Seneca Wallace continues to promote his Colt McCoy hate campaign publicly. Wallace took to the airways to once again say he won't be Colt McCoy's mentor. The Cleveland Fans should be happy about that fact. McCoy at least won some games last season that is more than we can say about Seneca Wallace.

When the Browns picked Weeden in the draft this year, Wallace was the first in line to say he would be more than happy to bring Weeden along, yet in the Browns first preseason game and Weeden was struggling, it was Colt McCoy on the sidelines going over the photos with a coach and Brandon Weeden, Wallace was nowhere to be seen.  The Browns don't need a player like Seneca Wallace who won't help the team. Wallace's dislike for McCoy has been clear since McCoy took the starting role away from Wallace.

Seneca Wallace has been in the NFL long enough to know that on any given Sunday a quarterback can go down to injury, if memory serves me that is how McCoy took the starting role in the first place. It Was Wallace who had to be replaced due to injury. For Wallace to continue to blast his team-mate by saying he refuses to help, it demonstrates that Seneca Wallace is not a team layer. This is the first reason the Browns need to cut their ties with him.

The other 3 million reasons Wallace should go is his 3 million dollar salary. There is no way on GOD's green earth Seneca Wallace is worth 3 million dollars a year. It is Seneca Wallace who could use the mentor, he should have learned this preseason how to deal with adversity, he should have studied how Colt McCoy has dealt with the Cleveland Browns quarterback situation with dignity and class. McCoy just want the Browns to win. That is more than we can say about Seneca Wallace.....


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