Day 2 of training camp and Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden is already talking play-offs. I’ll give him this much, he certainly knows what the goals of an NFL team are. The people in Cleveland suffered through another losing season in 2012.

Weeden and his Browns won just 5 games in 2012. He is coming into camp with the goal of taking the Browns into the play-offs. He said today, that the ultimate goal is to get this team into the play-offs. He hasn’t even been named the team’s starter and he is already taking the to the play-offs.

Perhaps Weeden’s 5 wins last season are going to his head. He still has to prove to the Browns front office that he is the man and he still needs to stop making mistakes that could end up costing the team wins in order to take the Browns to the promise land.

Weeden knows he has a long way to go but if we could grade him for saying the things fans want to hear, we would have to give him an A for the play off comments he made today. Weeden may be taking his cues from the team owner.

No one is better at telling people things they want to hear than him. Maybe they have met with Weeden and told him to study up and watch how a professional talker does it. Then they sent him out to face the media today and he told them reaching the play-offs was his goal.

Last season Weeden led the worst offense in the NFL when it came to the red zone. He couldn’t even throw a touch pass into the corner of the end-zone because he had no tough. He must have done a ton of work over the off-season. I hope he can live up to his words and lead the Cleveland Browns into the play-offs. This city deserves a winner.

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  1. marty

    I believe in positive thinking. He can talk all he wants. I really don’t think he will live up to the team expectations. Weedon is not NFL material and he will never be.It comes done the same as last year, he doesn’t have the heart for the game.Weedon doesn’t have the smarts or intensity for the game.


    LG, Could you please proof this CRAP that you write? Please don’t quite your day job! Whatever happened to professional writers with credible information that the average fan wants to read about????

    • LG

      What are you kidding me? Did you miss the Weeden talking to the media. That should be proof enough….

  3. muttklingon

    it sound like weeden has a great out look on this seasson .that good way to look for great QB TOO HAVE !.ALL MY YEARS OF WATCHING FOOTBALL I MUTTKLINGON HAVE SEEN IT HAPPEN THAT WAY!FOR AWINNING FOOTBALL SEASSON . ALL IT TAKES ASPARK ! 75 BROWNS STEELLERS 79 . 49 ERS 85 TO 90 GREEN BAY 80 98 THE RAIDERS 72 muttklingon

    • Applebee McFridays

      Well said.

  4. elmer fudd

    weeden should be vice president hes just like obama tell a pack of lies and gets paid for it

  5. john ledingham

    Aubrey: You might want to proof your own copy, and, by the way, don’t “quite” your day gig.

    Maybe, just maybe, this is the year we see some improvement. It’s doubly disturbing that the team that deserted Cleveland goes on to new heights and we still can’t seem to figure out what it takes, much less get there.

  6. Lynda

    Where did you go to school? Your articles have so many typos and incomplete sentences as well as run-on sentences……..Geez.

    • LG

      I went to OSU


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