2011 the year we found ou how bad Mitchell Mortaza treats women2011 is the year we found out how Mitchell Mortaza the founder and self proclaimed commissioner of the Lingerie Football League treats the women who play in his league so terribly.   The question that still lingers on peoples minds is why would these ladies who play in the LFL allow themselves to be degraded so badly? Mortaza started the LFL and had a great idea. Then as time went on Mortaza decided that none of the ladies who play in his LFL will get paid.

Mortaza not only took away the players pay checks he also demands these ladies do all of the promotions that go along with playing in the LFL. Mortaza is like a pimp. He lures in these women with promises of fame and then he verbally abuses them and forces them to get out on the streets to sell tickets to LFL games. The women in the LFL who had the courage or the brains to question Mortaza's tactics were quick to find themselves on the outside looking in. Mortaza is the type of guy that doesn't put up with any women playing in his league who thinks on her own. It is either you think like Mortaza or you don't play.

Just think about women who file lawsuits against corporations or women's right groups that have battled for years to gain equality for women, these groups have been set back decades when it comes to Mitchell Mortaza's Lingerie Football League. Is fame so important to young ladies that they would let themselves be completely degraded by a man who some think hate women.

If taking all Mortaza's verbal abuse isn't bad enough, there were several ladies that played football in the LFL that sustained serous injury. Well, it is part of the game right? Not the game Mitchell Mortaza's LFL plays. Mortaza's game is more like you want to play, you pay for your own health insurance. Not only do the LFL players pay for their own Health coverage, when they sustain serous injury Mortaza and his cronies do their personal best to make sure they make it impossible for injured players to file a claim. Hey why not? Mortaza takes your money for health insurance and then when you get hurt you get the run around.

If all that isn't bad enough, some insist Mitchell Mortaza fixes the games that are played in the Lingerie Football league. How you ask? Mortaza wears a headset during the games in which he uses to inform the referees on which penalties to call or in some cases not to call.  Mortaza has also tried to communicate to the team coaches with wireless devices installed under the teams bench. Some say that is why Hanford Dixon the supposed coach of the Cleveland Crush quit the league. He wasn't going to let an idiot like Mitchell Mortaza who knows nothing about football tell him what plays to call and what players to play is the story I've heard. Dixon may have been able to see through a guy like Mitchell Mortaza.

Mortaza also make the women who play in the LFL submit pictures of them selves on a continuing bases if he thinks you're getting to fat Mortaza even puts you on what he calls fat watch. From my understanding if you're on fat watch you don't play in the games. Rumor has it there were several Orlando players placed on fat watch before the game they played against the Tampa team on December 30th 2011. By Having these ladies on fat watch Mortaza can also control what team wins the game. Hey you put some key players on fat watch and what the heck, your team loses surprise surprise.

Mortaza likes the Tampa team better than the Orlando team too is the story I've heard chatter about. He thinks the ladies in Tampa are better looking than the Orlando ladies. Can you even believe that? This is the same Mitchell Mortaza who came forward after the 20 ladies in Toronto walk out due to player safety issues and tried to convine people these 20 Toronto ladies only were interested in celebrity and were not real athletes.  Mortaza insisted he only wanted athletes in his LFL. But the problem is if a lady looks like they are an athlete Mortaza verbally abuses them and makes them submit pictures that further degrades them to him so he can determine if your body fits his LFL mold.

Why, Why would these women subject themselves to this type of mistreatment? Mortaza treats the women who help line his pockets with money like crap. If women try to bring change to the way Mortaza does things they are out. Pure and simple if you don't like the way Mortaza does things you're out. Mortaza will just find 20 other women to take your place.

The real question is why women put up with this type of mistreatment. After all it is 2011 and soon to be 2012. The ladies of the LFL should get together and get some type of Collective Bargaining Agreement. Why not? The NFL has one the NBA has one why not the women who play in the LFL? When are these ladies going to wake up and realize that Mortaza is setting back the women's rights issues in America?

Is being somewhat famous more important than their own dignity? Wake up ladies and stop letting Mitchell Mortaza take advantage of you. Only you can stop this behavior.

To see the stories of how Mitchell Mortaza's Lingerie Football league has mistreated women who played in this league just click here and look for the videos with former ladies of the LFL in them.

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