The Cleveland Browns just threw another quarterback into the mix. This time they signed a veteran who mainly played a back-up role for much of his career. The fans are already wondering if the Browns will part ways with Colt McCoy.

Some thing the team would like to trade Weeden. The problem is the team doesn’t think they can get much for a soon t0 be 30-year-old sophomore quarterback that didn’t show much in his rookie season. As for Colt McCoy, he is due to make a great deal more money if he were to stay in Cleveland for the 2013 season.

Many think the Browns simply don’t want to pay the man. The past leadership of the Browns has done what it could to discredit McCoy who proved in college he could be one of the most accurate passers in the history of college football.

The Browns really didn’t do much to help McCoy succeed in the NFL. They never surrounded Colt with he talent that would have made his game work in the NFL. Many are left thinking that McCoy doesn’t have the arm to compete in a vertical passing game.

The new coaches of the Cleveland Browns are talking about the new offense, but truthfully nobody knows what it is going to be. McCoy is far more accurate than Weeden when it comes to hitting receivers. The problem is the Browns may not want to pay McCoy the money he is due this season.

Some fans are even considering the Browns making a trade that could include Brandon Weeden on or before the NFL draft. One thing is certain someone is probably going to go. Over the past 14 season’s the Cleveland Browns have ruined more quarterback careers than any other team in the history of the NFL.

Maybe this coaching staff will finally be able to get things right. May this coaching staff will put a winning team on the field. But lets face reality folks, Jason Campbell isn’t exactly one of the NFL elite quarterbacks. He has more experience than anyone the Browns have on their roster currently, but he may not do better the the guys we already have.

Only time will tell, when the preseason gets here we will be able to see what kind of offense the Browns new coaching staff has put together and we will see who the Browns pick as their next starting Q.B. in Cleveland. May God help us all….

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  1. Bob

    As I wrote yesterday, my bet is that McCoy will be gone because he has more trade value. He’s also younger then Weeden. I’m thinking McCoy will be with the Jags, Bills or a backup for the 49ers, Pats or Saints. Maybe even the Raiders where Campbell was starter – wouldn’t that be interesting?

    I am really thinking that due to the money owed to McCoy, Banner will be counting pennies and support McCoy leaving since McCoy probably has more trade value then Weeden. Does anyone know the $$$$ amount in Campbell’s contract?

    Also, unless I missed a post by one of you Weeden supporters, I don’t remember any of you bringing up a certain fact that Lombardi wrote about in the past. If none of you Weeden supporters brought it up before, you should have. Lombardi is not a fan of McCoy either. See . So you see Lombardi has no love for McCoy. I know Lombardi said Colt gave the Browns a better chance this past season, but that was comparing McCoy to Weeden.

    Today, I am thinking Weeden will be gone also. Maybe Shurmur will bring him to the Eagles – lol

    • Leon II

      Last year the bears paid Campbell $3.5m to be their designated back-up and the year before he received $4.5m to be Oakland’s starter (until he went down with an injury). Considering he is coming in to compete for the starting job in Cleveland I would expect him to be getting paid in that range.

  2. Bob

    What we don’t know is that McCoy and or Weeden may have asked to be released or traded.

  3. HEY YA!!!!

    Couldn’t you say the same about Brandon Weeden when you are referring to the lack of talent that was put around McCoy…? Also I have read that Weeden will get a shot to compete for the starting job which was said by Banner, Jimmy and Chud. But I like how u think they are keeping Weeden because of his trade value and age and are getting rid of McCoy because of the money…lol…But here we are with 2 regimes and so far none of them are sold on McCoy as Being a starter in this league….is Weeden??? We shall see because he has this season to prove it….

    • Bob

      I only brought up Colt’s money issue because the Cleveland Sports media & other Sports media did. I believe what is due to him is really nothing compared to other QBs.

    • Bob

      HEY Ya – You said, “Couldn’t you say the same about Brandon Weeden when you are referring to the lack of talent that was put around McCoy…?”

      Are you serious? Don’t you remember the lack of WRs & RBs in 2011 and no O-Line to protect McCoy. Little like dropped the most balls in the NFL in 2011. If he caught half of the ones he dropped plus the botched snaps in close games, McCoy would have had a better W-L record and would not even be discussing the right now.

      Weeden had protection that McCoy never got, he had healthy WRs & not all the RBs went down like they did in 2011 for McCoy.

      • HEY YA!!!!

        Hey Bob! Yeah I’m dead serious… What talent are you referring to exactly??? Because other than 3 rookies that were added…. It’s the same a act roster! Same o-line same receivers other than Josh Gordan who also dropped a game winning td against the colts by the way since you are implementing the coulda, shoulda, wouldas… Typical for making excuses…. And Trent Richardson??? C’mon now… He was injured with broken ribs all year. Didn’t have 1000 yds rushing so it wasn’t like he was a big factor because he was never 100%. Ohh yeah but MO Mass played last year, boy was e a factor…ummm NOT….As a matter of fact our staring guard in Pinkston wasn’t in the line up either… Ill give u the fact that Weeden had more protection but it was the same exact O-line as 2011… So where is this talent all if the sudden??? But if you wanna sit there in coulda, shoulda, woulda with dropped passed, bobbled snaps, blah blah blah…then I guess ya got me…

        • dan dyer

          HEY YA!!!!-you are absolutely right. Add in the fact that the defense was statistically better in 2011 as well. There comes a time when you have to stop making excuses and see the truth.
          Also you said 2 regimes weren’t sold on him, it was really 3. Mangini was against drafting him all along and if it weren’t for injuries he would have never played.

  4. marty

    It seemed at first the Browns were going to make some noise in free agency. After awhile they were signing players that were problems on their own teams. Washington had a good line, I don’t understand this pick.LG, I never was even intrested in Weedon. Its obvious they tried to help weedon,even with a bonehead of a coach last season.I feel jason is more of a Lombardi pick than anything else.I do not see Banner involve in this.

    • LG

      Agreed Marty, if I am not wrong I’ll say I think Lombardi had something to do with Campbell going to the Raiders.

  5. HEY YA!!!!

    And by the way, I’m not a Weeden supporter either because I would actually like to see both play in a different system because I thought Shurmars offense played a key part in both of them not playing well. But regardless there was whispers about the Browns sayin that they didn’t feel McCoy was starter material and with this move being made and if McCoy does get the boot or traded lets not pretend it was because of the money LG because it would be the 2nd regime to look at McCoy and not want to move forward with him….

    • LG

      These guys didn’t even see Colt Play

      • dan dyer

        Which makes it even worse that just by watching tape on him that they think he isn’t a viable option. Just bite the bullet and admit that McCoy isn’t the answer in Cleveland. Never was and never will be. Personally I like McCoy, just don’t think that he has what it takes to succeed. Does Weeden? Maybe not, but he will get a chance to prove himself this year or he will be gone as well.

        • LG

          Dan we all have to bite the bullet and admit the Browns haven’t had an answer in Cleveland since coming back into the NFL in 1999. Not the coaches, not the Q.B. and not the front office yet either. Face it Cleveland Sports pretty much have sucked in this decade….

          • dan dyer

            Now there is a statement from you that I will agree on 100%

          • LG

            Dan there might be more coming…..


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