• My name is Samantha DeLong, I am originally from the Columbus area.
  • My favorite Cleveland athlete is Jordan Cameron, now let's face it ladies our favorite athlete is always the one we find to be the hottest. My favorite Cleveland team would be the Browns. If I could date any famous athlete no doubt Cristiano Ronaldo (yummy)
  • As much as I get complimented on my lips I think they would say my eyes Something that no one knows about myself till now, when I was younger I wanted to be a boy. I have an older brother and I would always be with him and his friends and they got to do everything fun and I was always told no because I am a girl (not fair).
  • I think I should be a Cleveland 360 girl because I am new to the area and starting to know Cleveland sports better and what better way to learn all about Cleveland sport than being a 360 girl. So here is a little about me, I hope you enjoyed and thanks for your votes!

A little about Samantha DeLong;

I am finishing my Bachelor's in Middle School Education with endorsements in elementary. 

I grew up in a small farming community south of Columbus where you could have your gun hanging in the back of your pick up and no one thought other wise because you were going hunting after school. 

I was scouted at the age of 13 to do some modeling work and I have been doing it ever since, but my passion is teaching. 

I am slowly making my way from the front of the camera to the back and hopefully better my skills as a photographer. 

I am a little bit of a tomboy, I love going out riding the quads, jet skis, sky diving, you name it and I am usually down for doing it.