• Model name Justeena Xo
  • I'm a 24 year old Latina Model from Cleveland Ohio currently based out of San Fransico CA & share my time living in both places I've been in the Modeling industry 11 years & gained national recognition. As a International Model I travel a lot & when I'm not traveling I spend my time with my beautiful 2year old son
  • My favorite Cleveland team is the Cleveland Indians Favorite player - Indians starter Carlos He pitched well enough to earn his first victory of 2013, but the bullpen let things get away and the offense couldn't keep up winning a date with him would be awesome
  • My best feature are of corse my eyes & my sexy curves & exotic look I think I should be a Cleveland 360 girl because •I'm from Cleveland born & raised •I'm a great inspiration to women to show even as a single mother you can still be beautiful & accomplish your dreams/goals in life Some facts people may not know • I have a business degree •I practice all natural holistic healing • I perform Reiki 霊気 which is a spiritual practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Its a form of alternative medicine
  • I am available for: • Event Hosting • Special Appearances • Nightclub Promotions • GoGo dancing • Music Videos • Promotional Modeling • Marketing • Photo shoots • Spokes Modeling • Public or Private events My stats: • Height: 5 ft • Weight: 115 lbs • Bust: 36D • Waist: 27.5” • Hip: 38”

A little about Justeena;

Justeena is a professional Latina model. She has been featured around the world.

She lives both in the Cleveland area as well on the west coast. She is available to do all kinds of modeling work.

You can find Justeena on facebook at Justeena LoveMyAngle.
You can click here to see Justeena's facebook page.

Justeena is a very nice person and she is always willing to help others.

We are proud to present Justeena as one of the contestants in the Cleveland Sports 360 girl of the month contest.

She is a very nice young lady and in all of our dealings with Justeena, she has always been very pleasent.

Her personality is just as pleasant as her pictures.  She is a hot lady and she doesn't have a fake attitude.

As you can see by her photos and the comments she submitted, Justeena is available for all kinds of events.

If you are in need of a model to help host one of your events consider hiring Justeeena.

I'll bet you would be happy you did.