Introducing the July Cleveland Sports 360 Girl Of The Month Contestants.

Before we go any further, lets all congradualte the 2 previous winners.

Elizabeth Suzzanne is our June Girl and Shannon McLaughlin was our May girl of the month. 

The July contestants aren't going to let you down. We have 4 ,more hot woman that are very deserving of the title Cleveland Sports 360 Girl Of The Month Of July.

Be sure to check out these hot ladies pictures and vote for your favorite. We have Justeena who submitted some very hot pictures. She is a model and has worked all over the World.

Then we have Crystal Josefov, she is a very lovely young woman and she has submitted some very hot pictures too.  Be sure to have a look and see if she is you favorite CS-360 girl of the Month of July.

Then we have Miss Stephanie Baxter, she looks amazing and she is very deserving too. Each one of these sexy ladies could easily become the CS-360 girl for July.

Last but not least and believe me when you say that we have Miss Amber Mettlen. Amber is a proud mother of 2 and when you see her hot little body you'll think she had to adopt the kids.

She brags about the fact that she has no stretch marks and it is amazing that she tells us she has 2 kids and she really don't have the marks to prove it.

So have a look at all the pictures of these 4 beautiful woman and make up your mind as to who you are going to vote for. Each one of these hot ladies is deserving of the title but we can only pic one.

I am glad it is up to you the Voters, I wouldn't be able to pick just one. Good luck to all these young ladies...