• Crystal Josefov Rittman
  • Fav Cleveland Athlete: Tyler Zeller Fav Cleveland Team: Indians
  • What would a former boyfriend say is your best feature? My eyes. Tell us something about yourself that no one knows? That I love to sing/dance to 80's music.
  • Why do you think you should be a C's 360's girl of the month/year? I think I should be a C's 360's girl because I'm very down to earth And I actually enjoy playing and watching sports!

A little about Crystal Josefov,

Crystal comes to the Cleveland Sports 360 Girl of the month Contest all the way from Rittman Ohio.

She really loves Cleveland Sports and some of her favorite athletes are on the Cavaliers as well as the Indians.

Crystal may be in for a real surprise this season when the Cavaliers get back into action.

With the free agent moves they could be a real contending team this season.

As you can see by her pictures one of here favorites is Tyler Zeller. Lets hope the big man gets plenty of playing time to impress Crystal this season.

He might be fighting for time with the new guys but for Crystals sake I hope he gets time to play.

Crystal is a lovely young woman and we are glad she decided to send in her pictures to be a contestant in the CS-360 Girl of the month contest. 

Remember you can vote for you favorite hot girl every day and only once per day. Best of luck to you Crystal.