• Amber Mettlen Hometown: Wooster, OH
  • My ex would tell you one of my best features is my smile, it lights up a whole room :) and of course some would say its my great body... so small but big in the right places ;)
  • Something I can tell you that no one knows is ... to this day , even as a grown adult i still enjoy playing dress-up, sometimes I qet a handful of shirts, pants, blouses etc. and spend and hour, maybe two putting outfits together and trying them off in the mirror.
  • I think I deserve to be CS-360s girl of the month because I work hard at what I do and have two kids on top of that ... and after having two beautiful baby boys I have still remained stretch mark free and down to the exact size I was before becoming pregnant, it must mean im destined for greatness, right? :)
  • Certainly am looking foward to hearing back from your agency. Thank-You for the opportunity.

A little about Amber Mettlen.

Amber comes to the Cleveland Sports 360 Girl of the month contest after growing up in a rural community south of Cleveland.

You can see by the comments that Amber is one of those ladies who still enjoys to play dress up, even as an adult.

She must be in great shape, as she said, " No Stretch Marks" even after 2 kids.....That is something to be proud of, must woman would kill to have a body like that.

Amber must have a great sense of humor.  Even though I have never met her, I'll bet she loves to laugh and have a great time.

We are pleased to be able to include Amber in the CS-360 Girl of the month contest.

She submitted some hot pictures of that hot body she is bragging about so why not.

We wish you the best of luck Amber and keep playing dress up, stay young forever.